A Balanced Approach to Help You Stay Healthy

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Transform your body while improving your athletic performance and amplifying your capacity for fitness with a scientifically formulated nutritional system designed by the wellness experts at Acupuncture at Riverside. Schedule an appointment with our team today and learn how our system can benefit you.

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Our energy and performance system offers a wide variety of benefits to active individuals:

Understanding the good life

Acupuncture works on the body's many different systems at the same time, helping in many ways. Through the insertion of fine solid sterile needles, an acupuncturist can help your body regain the balance it has lost, using time-tested treatment methods. Research has shown that acupuncture is extremely safe.

How can acupuncture help?

Containing high-quality proteins that promote muscle growth and recovery, our energy and performance system will help you achieve a tighter and leaner physique while optimizing performance and recovery.

What makes up the good life?


Live your life to the fullest

  • Builds and maintains lean muscle

  • Boosts faster recovery

  • Increases performance

  • High performance nutrition

  • Ideal for athletes and active lifestyles