A Balanced Approach to Help You Stay Healthy

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Reduce the effects of aging by visiting our clinic regularly for acupuncture treatments. Your licensed practitioner will design a customized acupuncture plan for you that will target your aches, pains, and help you balance your Qi.  We may also suggest highly nutritious products to keep you healthy and minimize the effects of aging.


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These decreases can adversely affect quality of life. In acupuncture terms, these decreases are known as stagnated flow of vitality. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce and eliminate stagnation and increase flow of vitality, enabling a higher quality of life.

How do decreases affect me?

We integrate traditional Eastern Medicine with modern Western Medicine to give our patients the best care possible. We are proud to provide the residents of the greater Grants Pass area with premium acupuncture services for pain relief, neuropathy, weight loss, and more.

Traditional and modern care

As we age, our bodies slow down. We have less range of motion, and our body temperature, ability to heal, and metabolism may possibly decrease.

How can acupuncture help you with healthy aging?

Age with grace and serenity

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