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At Acupuncture At Riverside you will find a premier medical clinic for quality medical acupuncture. We look forward to helping you.

At our clinic Eastern Medicine meets Western Medicine to provide the ultimate healing power from neuropathy to healthy aging.

We are proud of our service to our patients as we continue to heal numerous conditions in the greater Grants Pass area.

If you are looking to improve your health by living a more balanced life, schedule an appointment today.

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The Neuropathy Association

Some of the conditions we treat include:

•   Endometriosis

•   Facial spasm

•   Fibromyalgia

•   Hay fever

•   Hip pain

•   Hives

•   Infantile colic

•   Infertility

•   Insomnia

•   Irritable bowel syndrome

•   Knee pain

•   Lupus  

•   Menopause symptoms

•   Menstrual Cramps

•   Morning sickness


•   ADHD

•   Allergies – food and environmental

•   Anxiety

•   Arthritis

•   Asperger’s syndrome

•   Asthma

•   Athletic injuries

•   Autism

•   Autoimmune disease

•   Bell’s palsy

•   Celiac disease

•   Chronic fatigue syndrome

•   Depression

•   Diarrhea

•   Dizziness


•   Neck pain

•   Peripheral neuropathy

•   Plantar fasciitis (heel spur)

•   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

•   Post-concussion

•   Psoriasis

•   Recurrent miscarriage

•   Rheumatoid arthritis

•   Shingles pain

•   Shoulder pain

•   Sinus problems

•   Stroke

•   Tennis elbow

•   Trigeminal neuralgia